kondammal Trust is a Voluntary Organization which is registered under Society Act –1882. It was established by group of likeminded social workers who are working in the field of basic health, education, vocational training, employment generation and skill development training programs, information technology, environmental protection, rural development, women empowerment and child protection, Social Justice and other important social developmental issues.

Kondammal Trust works as a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization.Kondammaltrustworksamong rural women, children, unemployed youth of Delhi City SlumCommunity and backward poor villagers. Major areas of interest of the organization are Vocational Training, women empowerment, Primary and non-formal education, Basic health, HIV/ AIDS Awareness, Environmental Protection, Agriculture and Horticulture Production, Small scale & home Industry protection, Self Help Groups (SHGs), Employment Oriented Vocational Training, Old age home construction, Women & Child Protection and Social Justice, Youth Development, Promotion of Arts and Culture, Reproductive Child health and other Awareness Programs on various Social, Health & Education and Current Issues

KondammalTrust has successfully ventured since its inception for social development work. We are delighted to present our annual report ending 31 March 2018. An overview of what “Kondammal trust” means not only to us, but also to our supporters and our targeted  beneficiaries the years of our growth, We believe that the various problems that the society faces are interconnected – poverty and illiteracy, unemployment, social injustice and middleclass apathy, health and environmental degradation, and so on.

The primary objective of “Kondammal trust “is to improve the quality of lives of people-primarily those people who are marginalized, disadvantaged and underprivileged and the concern for the protecting the resources and environment. This is indeed a colossal task. Our national and state governments, even after 67th years of independence with massive resources under their disposal have, not been able to achieve much in these areas. The people need to be given the appropriate opportunities and they need to be motivated. This is where the social development sector can play an effective role at grassroots level. NGOs, the Government and the civil society need to work closely to empower the underprivileged.

This annual report should not only be a narrative of activities. Those who receive copies of our annual reports should know why we have undertaken to do the activities that we do, how do we do it and an evaluation of activities for improving our efforts for incorporating the change. That is the reason why this annual report is so detailed. Please read on.